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Testimonials from GunExams Customers

I just want to thank you for all your help. Definitely helped me pass the exam. Non restricted 98%/100%, restricted 92%/100%. I couldn't have done it with out gunexams!! Mike

Great course !!! Passed my RPAL easily today thanks to the preparation your site assisted with. A great deal...worth every penny :) Thanks

Just a quick word. I wrote 98% on written and achieved 98% on the practical for non-restricted. I had never touched a firearm before this course began. Gunexams was invaluable to me. Many thanks.

I will likely enroll here again to keep information fresh in my awareness. As a total novice it is important to me continue learning. For that the questions here act like a jumping off point I use to explore topics further.

AGAIN thank you. I would not have done as well without this site.

Successfully challenged the PAL exam scoring 98% (made one mistake due to misreading one question.) Thanks to I felt very prepared. I also very much appreciated the timely responses to the variety of questions I asked, I never waited more than a couple of hours for a response - great customer support. I learned plenty, thanks.

Excellent study aid for both the non-restricted and restricted tests. I scored 98 and 100 on the non-restricted, and 100 and 100 on the restricted. Your practice exams were well worth the money. Thanks! Mike

Very impressed with the Course material. Passed the Non Restricted and Restricted exams with 98% and 96% respectively. Highly recommend your site! Don M Saskatoon

Hi Gun Exams , just wanted to say thank you. I challenged the CFSC/ CRFSC exams and passed both written and practical exams with 98%,96%,98%,98% . I studied 50% of the questions from Australia and took the exams when I visited Canada. I recommend Gun Exams 100% . I have been shooting for 30 years ,however learnt a lot about the important Gun management laws in Canada and a couple of new things about firearms and safety. Thank you. Patrick

Hi Gun Exams, Just wanted to thank you for the help, received 100%, 100%, 100%, 98%  Cheers!

I just wanted to say how valuable I found your web site for the Restricted and non-restricted exams. I completed about 75% of the questions and wrote my non-restricted and achieved a 98% on the written and 98% on the practical tests. I wrote my restricted 2 days later and score 100% on written and 100% on the practical. This is an excellent web site and I would definitely recommend it to all. Just a note I have almost no gun experience. Thanks Again.

Just a quick addition to your testimonials, Although I have owned firearms for most of my life, I'm 62, I was nervous taking the "non restricted" tests - I have not owned or touched a rifle for 12 years. After taking 800 test questions over a week & watching the RCMP handling videos, I challenged the test - scoring 100% on the written & 88% on the handling portion. I would/will recommend your site to any one who asks. Thanks, the results may have been very different without you.  Peter S

Just wanted to say thanks - I wrote the test and scored 100%/100% restricted and 100%/98% non-restricted, written/practical.  I'm 41 now and have shot since age 12; I learned a few things and remembered other things I had forgotten. Your exams are worth every cent.
Thanks for making the exams easy.  Tim S

Hi I am a Member here at I challenged both the CFSC and CRFSC and CORE I got 94% Written and 98% Practical on the CFSC and 96% Written and 98% Practical for the CRFSC. I passed CORE as well. Well worth it.  Thanks to Gunexams.  Sincerely Richard A.

Just a note to thank-you guys for preparing me for both the CFSC & the CRFSC exams. The instructor later confided in me that I received a 92% grade on my CFSC theory exam. This exam was challenged! I wouldn't have been able to do this without your excellent site. Thanks again!!  Montreal, Canada

I aced the exam thanks to your practice exams. Finished exam in ten minutes100% thanks again.

Thank you gun exams, I took my cfsc the other day and I got 100% thanks to your site. I t was definately worth the money and more.   D. Powell

I just wanted to say that, although I have been using guns for 53 years, I found the tests to be really helpful in pointing out weak areas. I have now passed both the restricted and non-restricted exams successfully. I attribute this largely to the information I learned by using your practise tests. This was money well spent. Thank you. - MCD

I know I answered a lot of questions and tons of tests... but I passed 96% on the written and 92% on the practical... Thanks I'm done.. Couldn't have done it without you... I'll recommend your site wholeheartedly.

Just took my non-restricted and restricted exams, passed with flying colors, thanks to the practice exams. Your course was invaluable as far as the required knowledge to pass these exams. I would definately reccomend your service to anyone needing to acquire certification.  Sincerely Larry S.

Thank you. This site is a great place to prepare for the CFSC exam, well done on the site. Craig

Thanks for your help and adding the 500 questions and the ability to custom tailor the restricted test like the non-restricted test. I told my son about your website and he also signed up for the bundle...we're taking our exams together. C. M.

I love your learning retention with this type of review is so much quicker than by book alone!

Just took and passed the Firearms Safety test with flying colours ! Thank you GunExams, you made it a breeze. I will certainly recommend you. There was nothing on the test that wasn't covered by your practice questions, including the practical part of the exam. Thank you again. Cal M.

Thanks for all your help. I used your questions extensively to review and test myself on the CFSC curriculum. As I was challenging the exam the practice tests were very helpful. Thanks again. Don

I just wanted to thank you . It made the test an easy endeaver.well worth the cant help but ace the test.

Just wanted to send my thanks. I discovered your website on Tuesday and wrote the restricted test on Wednesday night. I can honestly say that your site helped me pass with an average test score of 94%. Thanks  Vincent

I passed my written safety exam with a score of 100% due to about 10 training exams on your website. Thanks!! Frank

I Just challenged the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC). I got 100% CFSC and 96% on the Restricted also 96% on the Gun handling. This is after only 3 days of using your site. Thank you Very much. Great Site.  Dan

I just passed my non-restricted test. 96% on the written, and 100% on the practical. Your practice exams were invaluable in achieving this. Now I am preparing for the restricted exam, and am sure your practice tests will help with that as well. I'll let you know how I do in a couple of weeks. Thanks again!!  Bill C.

I've taken the written and practical exam on March 25,07. I challenged the exam. I am 100% confident that "" is responsible for my passing grade of 98% on the written portion. I would highly recommend anyone taking the PAL exam to use this site if you're comfortable with firearms or you've let your current PAL expire. Anyone else should take the course... the privileges of having a gun is huge responsibility and shouldn't taken lightly. Thank you, Gerry R

First of all, let me say how good I found your practice exams. There is lots of material that doesn't seem to be in the manuals. As I intend to challenge the exams, I don't think I would do to well without your product. I will let you know after I write how it went. Thanks again for a great product. Bob B

I only signed up for the non-restricted but after passing with flying colors thanks to the support your tests gave me, I have decided to take the restricted as well.

Just wanted to thank you for an awesome course. The questions not only helped with the written exams... but big time with the practical .I felt very comfortable handling a semi auto for the first time.Knowing the ACTS & PROVE helped me pass with flying colors. CFSC 98% written 100 % practical CRFSC 96% written 98% practical Best score out of 17 students. Thanks, Ian

 I have enjoyed studying for the exam using you website. Thanks a lot.

I'm writing this note to tell you that your practice exams are a great help in preparing to write the firearms safety exam. After using your exams, I challenged the actual exam yesterday and passed with 100% correct. I think that I likely would have passed anyway but not with a 100% score. This is a great way to study. John W

Hello My name is Conrad and I just wrote my non-restricted firearm exam. I passed with 100% on the written and 98% on the pratical. I cannot say how much your program has help me not only gain knowledge but also confidence. Thanks and keep adding the questions to this puppy cause it is doing a great deal of good.

Just wanted to say thanks for the site - very, very useful. Just sat my restricted & unrestricted and got 98% in both (100% in practicals) - 1 Q wrong in each !!! Still planning on using the site just to keep in practice - I've got a fair amount of experience from the past, but there were things that were new to me. Best wishes and keep up the good work. Andrew R

Just wanted to let you know that I passed both exams with flying colours. I would have to say that your practice exams are definitely worth the cost. Thank you.

Thank you. You have an excellent site. The service is an ingenious idea! Congratulations. Thank you again for a well executed top notch idea. CD

Your site was a huge help. A wonderful study aid. I took the exam and passed with a score of 98% on the written and 100% on the practical. Thanks again. Chris

Thank You for your help. I have taken the actual test and passed with a 96% on my written and 96% on my practical. Ken

I just wanted to advise that I passed my FAC this weekend with a perfect score in both the written and practical.The assistance of your website was very helpful. Thank you. Terry H

I've completed my non-restricted test with a final mark of 96%. Thanks for the online data base. It helped alot. Brian

Thought I should tell you. I saw your site when I was looking for info on firearms licencing. I did a couple of your sample tests and thought I had it all under control, and booked my test. As the date got closer I figured I should do some studying and purchased your tests. Was I surprised, I didn't know near as much as I thought I did. But through the help of you tests, I had the confidence I needed. I passed both non-restricted, and restricted challenge tests with 90%, 92% written and 100% and 98% practical. The in-depth content and variety of questions was incredible. Probably the best money I've spent in a long time. Ian B

I just wanted to say thanks. I passed the CFSC and CRFSC with flying colors. was a huge asset. If I hear of anyone challenging the tests or taking the course, I will refer them to this site. Kelly W

Thank you very much for your very helpful site and training course. I was very successful today passing the exam on restricted and non-restricted firearms. Best regards, Michael Z

I achieved a 96% combined score thanks to your site. I am going to recommend it to everyone I know who is interested in their PAL. Thanks!

I want to thank you. I just did my exam and got 98% on the written and 96% on the practical. What a great and truly helpful website.

I just wanted to give you some feedback on this website. I found your practice exams were very useful in my preparation for the CFSC and CRFSC exams. I scored 98% written and 98% practical on the CSFC exam. On the CRFSC exam, I scored 100% written and 98% practical.  Thanks for your help, Matt. P.

Using the practice tests from your website, as well as studying the course manual, i received 100% on my written exam, and 100% on my practical exam for the CFSC for non-restricted firearms. Thanks!!!  

I just wrote the exam for non restricted and I got 100% on the exam and 100% on the practical. Thank you gun, your website made all the difference.  Russell G.

I passed my PAL exam with flying colors. I found the questions that you provided to be excellent and they prepared me extremely well for both the written and practical exam. I have recommended your website to a number of my friends who are in the process of study for their PAL exam. Thanks again!!! John

I can't tell you how much I LOVE this site. I'm prepping for my exams next month and this is absolutely the best way to train. It immediately showed me my weak areas, and now I can give extra attention to those. PLUS, I have to say, the tests are actually fun to take. Well done!
Thanks!  Brendan

I opted to write the challenge exams instead of taking the courses. Even after studying the manuals, I failed both sets of practice exams. I then ordered and completed both sets of questions. Thanks to GunExams, I completed both sets of examinations yesterday with 98 and 98 on the non-restricted and 100 and 96 on the restricted and prohibited exams. Don - Feel free to use this testimonial if you want. I just wanted to thank you for making these questions available.

We make getting your Firearms Possession and Acquisition License easier!

In most provinces the Canadian Firearms Safety Course Exam(s) must be passed in order to get a Possession and Acquisition Licence. Doing the practice exams on Gun Exams is a great way to prepare for the actual course exams. As some of the methods taught in the government's courses are different from other safety courses, it's important even for experienced shooters and hunters to do their homework.

Preparing for the CRFSC test?

Gun Exams also has practice exams that help you prepare for the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course Exam. This exam is needed along with the CFSC in order to get a licence that lets you acquire handguns or restricted rifles.